Ozzy Osbourne - This Means War

[Busta Rhymes]
Just make sure them, them drums is smackin
This, means, WAR!!

I work hard to take care of every one of my niggaz
Feel the love and appreciation from all of my niggaz
When I think meditate and contemplate for my soul
watch the truth manifest once the story unfold
Disloyal motherfuckers I'ma BANISH you all
and celebrate all in your absence once I get rid of y'all
Sometimes I can't describe the wicked shit I feel in my heart
Break my silence and sporadically tear you apart
Strike with a serious vengeance and before you die
Put you through the worst and make you take a look in my eye!
So you could witness the extreme damage caused by betrayal
Make you sorry for the fact that you attempted and failed!
Make you eternally suffer, you was one of my mens
Turn your back on me, and I'ma make sure you get it back times ten
Stay TRUE -- now that's the one thing I religiously pledge
If you ain't wit me I'ma throw you WAY over the edge

[Ozzy Osbourne]
Take a look inside
You can run and you can hide
If you cross my path
I'll make sure you feel my wrath
Give and you receive
Cherish every breath you breathe
Scriptures on the wall
Those who betray all must fall

[Busta Rhymes]
As I cherish every blessing and I greet you with hugs
You my peoples when I see you I embrace...(more)

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