[Snoop Dogg]
Me and Nate Dogg were so funky fresh
We fell off into a club to try to pop it to Daz
A lil' Moet to go with the way I'm dressed
A seven-piece outfit with a mink vest
Couple of ladies skating waiting on some info
Them white boys in the back got the indo
With a hookup, a hundredd dollars for a half ounce
I got to hit it, get it and bounce
So right back to the place that I started from
Get back hell yeah I'm hardly done
Write that on your motherfucking izzass
So hold up your glass and let's make a lil' tizoast
We brag and boast, zig-zag and smoke and keep a big bag of dope
We hold down the VIP wherever we sit
Nigga don't get mad if your ho with me

[Nate Dogg]
I'm not absolutely positive or absolutely sure
I'm not out to talk bad about your baby
I'm just tyring to be completely sure
You wanna hang with us, gotta hang with us
Take ya ass to the floor
I'm trying to game a bit, sound rediculous
Hope the ho is not yours

[Snoop Dogg]
Dancing and wining and dining a bitch
We humping bumping and grinding the shit
Nothing else to do now but to leave...(more)

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