Insane Clown Posse (ICP) - Mr. Johnson's Head Remix

Sitting in the class with my head on the desk
Teacher's trying to talk but I could give a fuck less
I'm staring at the freak that I know I'm in love with
But she don't even know my name it's always been the same
I just lay my head down and drown in my spit
Nobody even notices I'm here cuz I ain't shit
I hear voices but I don't know what they saying
Sweat is on my forehead cuz my brain's inside decaying
And this bitch that I love probably don't have no idea
She's talking to her friends I'm in the corner and I see her
Something's happening but it isn't very clear
Sounds like a bell, sounds like an electric chair
Next thing I know walking in the crowded hall
So many different faces that I throw up on the wall
Some are yelling "sick" and the others stop and stare
But I don't care, I'm in a hurry going nowhere
See, my head is spinning cuz I'm lonely and I'm twisted
But I have a secret everybody missed it
Just a nobody and I think it's a drag
But I got Mr. Johnson's head in my bookbag
I couldn't stand the pressure, not another day
I didn't like the fucker Mr. Johnson anyway
I sat up in his class, he hung a rebel flag
I cut the bigots head off and I stuffed it in my bag
I wish somebody knew me cuz then they could say I'm wrong
But since nobody knows me I got it going on
I'm staring at the clock, I listen for the tock
I gotta couple food stamps folded in my sock
I guess I'm just a ghost cuz everybody walks through me
If I died in class...(more)

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