Infinite - 360 Degrees


yo, I'll tell you 'bout a drama
of this wild girl, for real
she was wilder than most of them street cats, for real
the black Pamela Anderson, Barb Wire or similar
crisp, like a gold plated dessert eagle she dealt with ya
sky's the limit, a lady thug underneath
watch all the huslters givin' nuff respect to Shanice
had mad connects, but half of them would have to risk life
to make a million was the biggest goal on her rife
she just engraved it, small, right on the outside of the barrell
couldn't really notice it unless you looked close like choaclate goes
right by the light post
she juggled on the corner with a blown barb
bleed you through nights, a couple slugs
dark blocks always run hot, heat up your spot
anything done, comes with consequence, sometimes suspend shot
forever guide you as long you stay strong
the real girl relate to these words, the last don

'round and 'round it goes, but I still strive
I'm human, I'm human
the dollar sign is what controlled her life
but never mistaken

yo, you wanna hear about Shanice
she livin' in this cold world
walks with a shotty, response for nobody
streetwise, on a street level they try to take yours
try to run your mouth with these ops between your jaws
she knows how to draw cocked hammers and four fours
must've ride in under her lingere in the top drawer
sometimes she feels...(more)

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