Illa Ghee - Hold You Down

ALCHEMIST (f/ Illa Ghee, Nina Sky, Prodigy) LYRICS

Hold You Down

[Intro: Nina Sky (Prodigy) (*Sample of "Hold You Down") (**Alchemist Intro sample)]
(*Hold hold hold hold hold hold hold hold you you you you you you you you down)
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh (*Down) (Yeah man!) (*Hold, you, down)
(**AAAAAAAAAAAlchemist!) (*Down)
(Let's do this, aiyyo it's like this man, aiyyo! (*Hold, you, down)

[Verse 1: Prodigy (*Sample of "Hold You Down")]
When it comes to teks, I'm similar to a menace
Like Ol' Dog sniffin caine couldn't fuck with the damage
That I do to a bastard keep playin around
Won't be nobody strong enough to (*Hold, you, down)
Yeah, I leave 'em in shock
People get sentenced to life they stressed in the box
Most of my friends got murdered and damn I feel lost
Wish I was there when they popped off to (*Hold, you, down)
Nobody but me, I got a whole gang of killers but that's how you gotta think
If you wanna make it alive in all in one piece
It takes much more of them things to (*Hold, you, down)
Yeah, yo sonny, I'm well connected in the streets
We loyal to each other when it comes to that beef we get (*Down)
Don't worry 'bout a thing dun dun I foreverly (*Hold, you, down)

[Chorus: Nina Sky (*Sample of "Hold You Down") (***Lil' Kim sample from "All About the Benjamins")]
Even when shit gets hard I'm going to make sure that I'm around to hold you (*Down)
Will never leave your side until the day I die I'm gonna (*Hold, you, down)
Recognize that this game could be hard
Long as you roll with me, we are (*Down)
Here by your side...(more)

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