ICP (Insane clown Posse ) - I Don't Care

People say I talk too much
I don't care I talk too much
Momma say I failed in life
I don't care I failed in life
Daddy says I drink too much
I don't care I drink too much
People say I'm headed nowhere
And I don't fuckin care
Jimmy Johnson's gonna die
Sarah Suzie's gonna die
Everybody's dying slow
I don't give a fuck though
I'm only short like fifty bucks
I couldn't give fifty fucks
I could really use some help
You can go and fuck yourself
Everybody's gonna die
Terror fallin' from the sky
Mothers with their children crying
And I could give a fuck why
They say you'll never walk again
Well go plug the Sega in
I think somebody stole my truck
Tell someone who gives a fuck

The entire world is falling
The entire world is falling
The entire world is falling
The entire world is falling

How much do they charge in there?
Wait a minute, I don't care
I'ma shoot you in the face
I'll tell you how the bullets taste
Critics say you immitate
I don't give a fuckulate
50 million people dying
Awwwww I'm crying
Tell me all the things you saw
As if I give a fuck at all
You see me sittin in the chair

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