Hoodratz - Ying Yang In This Thang

[Chorus 1]
Get to the floor, aint no time run
Ying Yang in this thang, let me ya twurk sum' - (repeat 2X)

[Chorus 2]
Ying Yang in this thang, (Ying Yang) - (repeat 4X)

[Chorus 3]
Pop that pussy like you suppose to to
Shack that ass like it - that's for Lou
Like 2 Pac all eyes on you
Make a nigga horny like 2 Live Crew

[Verse 1]
Hoes get crunk for cheese, damn skippy
Like the bar kays and pay the little whippy
In they jazzy T's, bitches on they knees
Tryna make a nigga pay they ass to see a breeze
Hoes get crunk, for sho, for Gino
Steal from the strill, these bitches is on the pole
One on tope, but one down low
Ask them hoes if bout to to take it to the floor, HA

[Verse 2]
This one for the playas, this one for the g's
This one for the thugs that ride them gold d's
X's and O's, wanna fuck these hoes
Talkin bout they closed, you know how it goes
Hit the club just to see ya little ass
Every nigga in the club got cash
Smokin weed, sippin hin, gettin drunk...(more)

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