Hed P.E. - Boom

nobody move, nobody get hurt
sombody don't know, so that body got burnt
you in the jungle, baby, you gon'a die!
mine as well get fucked, mine as well get high
on a real sun, i'm gonna take everything i need
the drugs, the sex, the power, the american dream
i'm a rude, rude boy raised by TV
i laugh at violence, pain and death don't mean shit to me

it's got to be like that?
call me a loser, yo i can deal wit that
you think you all that, til i lay you on your back
with your legs spread , ha,
how you like that?
whoo whoo how you like that?

can you feel me?
how many motherfuckers, just like me, grew up, just like me
fucked up, just like me, wake up, later, watchin' BET
fuckin' babies' mamma's from jersey to cali
don't get mad, get high, go get even
go get your shit back and tell that lyin' ho you're leavin'
i smoke weed, i drink wine, take your daughter to my tour bus
and fuck her from behind

it's got to be like that?
call me a...(more)

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