Heather B - Live MC

[Intro: Heather B]
Yeah hah.
For all the sessions, all the cyphers
All my niggaz all my broads with the lighters
That's for Jersey I hope you heard me
You know Heather B, get down and dirty
It's time to start this, it's time to spark that
All my thuuuuugs

[Verse 1: Heather B]
Yeah yeah yo yo
A for all the love that I get and that I'm givin
B for all my brothers locked down in the system
C some say I'm crazy but I'm conscience of what I'm doin
So CC for conscious in case you overlooked me
D for dope, E forever
F I like the sound, when you know you cut my throat
Be exactly where I am
G I thank God
H I'm reachin higher hights, Heather hold it down
Heather don't need no aight
I I'm not the greatest but I'm practicin to be it
And +I+ can achieve it if +I+ believe it
J for Jersey City got to holler at my home
K I keeps it movin okay I give it on
L that's Big L may his soul rest in peace
Don't know why he's gone but the murder has got deceased
M is for the money, and then for the music
Cause without the money hardly
N & O no-one would do it
P is for pass that
Q my quarter leaves ramaskad
R be the fight with that ass, you got to have that
S is for spittin style
T is for takin you where you won't go
U for all the hunts of the underground heros
V is for the voters the...(more)

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