Hangmen 3 - Rap Star (All I Ever Wanted)

(Tangg Da Juice)
How many days done passed us, in jail without bail they trying to cast us
On the street corner police harass us
We got guns cause niggas' is trying to blast us
And just because me and my niggas sell cocaine
Don't mean that we dumb niggas wit no brain
It just mean that we hungry need some lomain
You ever heard the saying no pain no gain
So when the doe came
Made sure we broke bread
We all ate in the island and upstate
They all straight, must of been fate cause to date
We all great, even niggas that's in my state, they all hate
From my high let me come down
I swear to God Ima try to keep this gun down
Use to be fun, but it ain't fun now
I gotta live for my daughter and my son now
We one now

Chorus: (Benzino)
All I ever wanted was for me to be a rap star
Blowing hash treats, pulling up in fast cars
Take my niggas out the PJ's, Doing 90 on the freeway
Polly wit the DJ's,
I can't imagine how my life would be if I wasn't born a WG
I can't imaging how my life would be if I wasn't born a WG

(Mann Terror)
I'm a Wise Guy gangster...(more)

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