Freddie Foxxx a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles - A Part of My Life

Intro: samples
--Freddie Foxxx-- --Let me tell you--
--Who's the real divine?-- --You like that--
--Freddie Foxxx-- --Let me tell you--

[Verse One]
I be all in you like you disrespected space in my lyric zone
I'm like a pit, with a leg in his mouth, I bring it home
Bumpy ripping everything known, block every blow zone
I make you sit your ho ass down, turn off your microphone
Cause after me its un-rippable
I slap you in your mouth, your drinks'll be unsippable
I got miles of styles, you must be out your motherfuckin brain
To think I'm not the nicest in the game
Disconnected from your mainframe, punched cocked
Twirl your nose up Murray the cop, to the beat down you don't stop
When Fox and Bumpy keep it hot
End the whole beef with just one shot, niggaz I fear not
This piece of steel with the screen on top
Projects uncut chyna white dope
Leave a freeze in a nigga throat
I fight for this like the right to vote
The poison I spit, they'll never be an antecdote
You niggaz thought I put my mic down
Cause the industry's scared cause I put my fight down
Before I do that, I sell it out the trunk and make a mill
Now thats a real rap nigga deal
In 99 I'm droppin niggaz like flies
Fuck flowin, I'm turning niggaz into Jesse Owens
Cock the four pound, keep it going, I'm in your dresser room layin
You bitch ass niggaz just start prayin baby

Rhymin is a part of my life
I'ma die with rhymin kids and a rhymin wife
I don't let nobody judge me that don't know how to do what I do
So if you don't like it then fuck...(more)

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