Freddie Foxxx - Serious

Do it


[ VERSE 1 ]
Now sit back in your seat and kick up your Nikes
And listen to Freddie Foxxx cold rip the mic
The microphone's burnin like a flaming torch
And my lyrics are hot, so they can burn and scorch
So here's a little something for you hip-hop whimps
Try to come down hard on the hip-hop prince
Get your rhymes all together, your microphones ready
Cause you're about to meet the hip-hop terror - Freddie
For all you other rappers with self-proclaimed titles
Shut up and face the true supreme idol
Rappers, I'm here, so come get it
But those that tried are real sorry they did it
Cause I hit it - hard, nail on the head, now they're dead
But that's what you get when you're messin with Fred
Ain't no jokin or playin around, just listen to the sound
While I get down, this is serious

[ VERSE 2 ]
So serious when I take the stage
Kinda like lettin a pitbull out of a cage
For blood or raw meet - huh, sound sweet
But I take the mic and a milky beat
And drop one rhyme that's self-defined
And then you lay back and relax while I climb
Into your mind, every opening hole
Walk through your body and take over your soul
This jam is deep, when I speak you turn chicken
Scared to death because my bassline's kickin
Jump off and grab the mic - I dare you
Then I'ma open you up and then wear ya
Drag you all over like Raggedy Ann
Rough up the wanna-be's, make you a man
Then when you jump up to talk crap
You'll get slapped with a rap that makes your neck snap back
Down for the count, my hand is...(more)

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