Freak Nasty - Everything You Want

featuring AK Shay

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Freak Nasty:
{Everyt'ing you want}
What? Everything?
{Everyt'ing you want}
Man, you believe that shit?
{Everyt'ing you want}
Talkin' 'bout everything we want ...
{Everyt'ing you want}
She must be drunk or somethin'. There's like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...
{Everyt'ing you want}
... 8 niggas here! She's talkin' 'bout everything we want!
{Everyt'ing you want}
You know I'm a freaky motherfucker! Everything?
{Everyt'ing you want}
We gon' let Shay hit that hoe first.
{Everyt'ing you want}
Yeah, yeah, Shay, you gon' hit that hoe first.
Get on that hoe, Shay! Yeah!

Verse 1: AK Shay
Hey miss lady, what you gon' do?
I got a lil' somethin' I wanna ask you
Word around town, you're a nympho
Won't you suck my dick, and suck it slow, uhh
Lick it, go straight to the hotel
Can't stay wet, you don't need no gel
Damn, girl, I heard you're a freak
I'ma fuck ya ass 'till the end of the week
A girl like you, I know you ain't shy
Cut ya ass up like you're cuttin' a pie
Bend it up nice and turn it up right
Like the feel of rubber, gettin' fucked all night
You must like it slow, uhh, so gimme slow head
Let's fuck on the floor, I'm tired of the bed
If I call my crew, you'll fuck them too, huh?
{Everyt'ing you want} Ahhh yeah!


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