Four Horsemen - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The stampede begins, nigga
The year 2002 (Horsemen), alert, let everybody know
When it came, it spread nigga

Yeah, Horsemen, Horsemental, Horsemen instrumental
Horsementality, Horsemen procedures
Horsemen spread like a rash of legions
Multiply like multiplication
Equivalent to the equation or combination
Rewind the phrases (nigga)
Complex puzzles amazes, launch off missiles and lasers
Gorillas, dunn, muscled the homies out of the cages
Seperatin' ligaments like caves and gauges
Don't compliment niggaz, I collapse niggaz
I don't cooperate nigga, I don't concentrate niggaz
I eliminate niggaz, Horsemental state niggaz
Which gets me in a mental state to earthquake niggaz
Touch niggaz, decompose niggaz
The Headless Horseman, we growl, decompose niggaz

[Chorus w/ ad-libs: Kurupt]
We don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck

Stampede stoppin', droppin', spittin' toxic
Horsemen stoppin', droppin' verbal monsters


[Ras Kass]
Niggaz sage and pass, look fast and keep mashin'
Bitches wave your hands, shake ass, and keep dancin'

The diary of a ogre, vulgar
Fuck snake skin belts, hold my pants up with a a live cobra
Grew up, now I'm older
Life ain't shit, my fights, flossin' and Folger's
Wake up and smell the coma, aroma
Only reason you ain't suckin' my dick now is under exposure
Tryin' to sneak my way to top and fuck Oprah
Battlefields Earth with John John Travolta's
send aliens to smoke ya
Fuck fatty, I'm trifilin' and petty nigga
I wear your rent in my left ear already
Life in the Serenghetti, ya'll low on the food...(more)

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