Flipmode Squad - Everybody On The Line Outside

-Busta Rhymes verse-
Flipmode word bond
Flipmode coming word bond
Flipmode here word bond
Feel no fear word bond
Uh-uh-uh uh-uh
uh-uh-uh uh-uh
1998 Hot shit
Hitting you off baby you do it like this Yo
Crazy maybey a nigga look shadey
Admire the nigga and let me shine baby
Shine my nickel 380 yo its all gravy
Never play me, follow orders you better obey me
Sisco and dance all in the discos
Crib show with alot of bitches from here to Frisco
Yah-yay my nigga or yippe yai yo
Met a spanish chick I think her name is santiago
The way she blow I never been blowed before
Beyond a level where I could'nt take it no more
Put it on shorty then I bounce through the backdoor
She said hold on baby come here blaze it on the floor
Now I finish with that
Nigga give me my trap
Staking whole lot of money get me before I finish my rap
Think your shit dont stink
Drunk crossed eyed nigga
Walk crooked still spilling your drink
Jam on!
-Busta Rhymes chorus-
Everybody's on the line outside
Make you feel good make you come for the ride
Going do it to my people till your're satisfied
Cant do it like this no matter how much you try
I know you want to wild out come inside
>From the left to the right...(more)

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