Feenom Circle - Feenom Circle

[Raw J]
this youngsta told me hip hop music to him was magnetic
like the north and south pole contained
I'm takin headphones to the brain with the volume crankin
absorbin the surroundings on the last car on the bart train
them words on the tape soothed out
but the majority of the passengers moved out
when his eyes opened, mine closed
I'm on stage feelin like this mic ain't on
how come the crowd don't respond?
a poem without a home exhaled with smoke when I spoke this
made from a spirit not from earth guiding me when I wrote this
will y'all slump this?
hold each and one of my peoples in a circumference
paradox though
one speaker box rocks slow
watch the asphalt blow
to you my music sounds distorted, a mute maze
folks that looked like me glanced sideways
please notify or tell me
how our voices got caught up in this devilish geometry
cold circuitry put the latches on unbottled spirits
I could've rode to it, grooved with it
now can't even stand it
all I ever tried to do was transmit what should of been demanded...goddamnit!


and the loudest voice shall prevail, above and below
and more ground-hoggin it and sell your soul...i see...(more)

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