Fatal - Outlaws

[Fatal - talking]
O.N.S. in this mother fucker
We got The Plague in this mother fucker
The Pentagon in this mother fucker

[Verse 1 - Fatal]
Around these blocks
You know these hot glocks
Cock till you drop
All you wanna-be cops
You don't wanna see shots
I beef deep with the police
Beat what the streets do to me
Actin all new to me
I'll creep on you like puberty
You don't wanna see the bad image
Of this primace
From here to East Crems
Through every state with a sentence
Frozen weight in a couther
Six plates to soup ya
On due we always cruise
Right by the state troopers
When I'm drinkin with Sal
I start thinkin 'bout Al
Ricardi coverin my body
At the rink when I wow
I bag a hotty or two
This but a shotty for you
I got more bodies than Drew
I drink mine naughty or new
Fuck your crew
This type of shit we do for a petty hobby
Fuck the whole world
This Fatal dawg against everybody (It's on)
Better be twenty-five once this shit you never fuckin heard
Outlaw, Outlaw, we rate these breaks
That shit we don't got be that shit we gotta take

[Verse 2 - Merciless X]
It's the merciless X
Like Malcolm
Black as a falcon
How many shots I left depressed in your chest
I wasn't countin
But your back exploded (blaw!)
I episoded, with the weapon loaded
Let the next opponent
Get possessed with this merciless omen
The coldest crome to your dome
Sewn and holdin it's own
Let the barrel announce my ferocity
Twist spacious velocities
For haters watchin me
Make your block an atrocity
Break you down microscopic
Only doctors see, what the topic be
Drama through your armor
Bustin my two through your school of piranhas
My soldiers disapprove of your honor
We close captives, no conclusions
Let the revolver solve it
Evolve in this evolution
We shootin and pollutin

[Chorus - Fatal]
Pass the heat
And let me wave it in the...(more)

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