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Too many emcees got too many tales of triple beam scales and million dollar drug sales. He bust his nine and blood fell. Too many cats with tired clichis. That lyrical slingshot propel that Cristal bottle through your ribcage in the last days. Who playing big will with a deal, royal checks still small bills. First mill you ever seen was Olan and their pockets was swollen. Murdered while the track was rolling. Place your profile on a zero dollar to buy your skill. Take you cats for what you holding


While most of these emcees is still illicit their squad, we sabotage their Mitsubishi Mirage, cut the brakelines in their garage. See we prevail buy paying attention to the small details. We search for the holy grail through rap distribution and sales. Most record labels they fake that they large, they not in charge of this hiphop game, they still develop wack niggas for stars. Through poison tactics they promote the gangsta and the mack shit. Orchestrated acts to provide stats for demographics yo


We got too many emcees all about the trees and drink smoke a pound and rhyme at the same time and do a line and try to link. Fifth of Henny on the rocks, who gives a fuck, I already had some. You gots the opportunity, but you spitting that wack son. Just, how many blunts, shots you take to pride yourself. Wasting my...(more)

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