Erick Sermon - Love Iz

* all of the musical vocals in parenthesis are Al Green samples

"People in the house" - Slick Rick (Welll...)
[E-Dub] Sermon - "aiight" (Aww yeahhh...)
"As we proceed.."
[E-Dub] Holla at ya boy - "People in the house"
[E-Dub] Scream at me - "aiight"

[Verse One]
(Love is) - Yeah, music that you feel good
Neighborhood hood, gully
Roll through cause it's cool to boost the spirit
For the folks young and old and infants can hear it
(Love is) - Knowin the rap game is not the same
And still I came
Whoever killed 'Pac and Smalls, they're lame
Erick Sermon, learn my name
(Love is) - When I come through your spot
With no security guards, just me and the Squad, uhh
I got love, a cat got checked by a fan
Holdin me down, I got street respect
(Love is) - When true fans who don't believe in rumors
Real consumers, who love what I'm doin
That's why I.. "PROCEED!"
Superman, the E don't bleed

(Love is) - Yeah, never hatin
Everybody's out there is (people)
Yeah, why you wanna take my car, so we can be
(Walkin together)
(Love is) - Def Squad, Keith Murray
Redman, that's my (people)
Conversate with the next man, so we can be
(Talkin together)

[Erick Sermon]
(Love is) - When the planes hit
And the...(more)

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