EPMD - Business As Usual

(let's take it to the stage, sucka)

Erick sermon:
It's the e, and i'm smokin'. wild like tone loc, i'm roastin, bakin' mcs,
The e i'm not jokin' so back up, punk, slack up.
Watch your weak posse, before they get smacked up.
One by one, two by two, three by three, yo p...
[parrish: what's up, e.d.?]
Pass the uzi, to blow up, any wack mc that show up,
There goes one, blast 'im now.
[e, hold up.]
*don't make me wait-wait* because it might be too late, the punk might escape,
And buck whyle, and in fact, bite my style, and i'm-a catch a bullshit charge,
Plus trial.
It's my thing to swing, your first mistake to bring a duck mc that can't hang.
Don't forget, i'm crazy swift. my name is erick sermon
[yeah, and i'm parrish smith]
I could act foolish, start blastin'. ha ha ha ha, now who's laughin'?
I'm-a let ya slide, but ya owe me, next time you see me...
[...holler like ya know me!]
I'm mad...

(here's a little story, i've gots to tell) {scratching} (i'm mad!) 4x

My life story i tell straight from the heart.
When suckers tried to crash my shit straight from start.
A young black kid destined for success, no old gold, no cocaine, or buddha cess.
Straight up hard work. no sleep and no...(more)

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