Ed OG - Life of a Kid in the Ghetto

feat. Ace&Quan, Def Jef

[Malcolm X]
But when it comes to uhh
protecting the lives of twenty-two million Afro-Americans
Then all of a sudden, Uncle Sam becomes very concious, of legality..

[Ed O.G.]
Here's the reason that, I've been upset for a while
Cause if you're black you get life, but if you're white you're on trial
Ain't nuttin to it, just like that chump Charles Stewart
They're always claimin, that the devil made me do it
For insurance, he killed his wife and his child
and blamed it on a brother, and racists got buckwild
He had the media, believin the, aesop fable
And all the whites were like, "I can't wait 'til
they catch the bastard - I hope they fry him"
They were sure that he did it, there was no need to try him
And Willy Bennett, who was in it to win it
Got bassed and harassed cause they was sure that he did it
And the thing that really pissed me off and truly offended me
is the suckers wanted to reinstate the death penalty
for a brother man, but not the other man
And when they found out, he killer her hisself, hmm on the other hand
Now it's inhumane, bring it back they wouldn't dare
But his brother confessed he was with it, so give HIM the chair
But that won't happen with that punk Dukakis
Flynn and Mickey Roach, you better just watch for us
I don't wanna hear that you're sorry to me
after you tore up, and started a war up in the black community
It's out of the news, but it's still in my head
Charles Stewart still lives even though the sucker's dead
I'ma speak upon it

[Malcolm X]
He is trying to wipe, you, out
Trying to eliminate your total existance
with falsehood and lies
And he's succeeding in doing it!

Now here's a verse about a relative, that coulda lived
But killed by a cop that thought negative
UHH, shot in the back like a victim of Jesse James
Tell them his motherfuckin name!
Phillip Pernell, murdered by a devil
that never saw a cell, so I'm here to raise hell and tell
about a child that was left to decay
and the next couple of days the pig was suspended with pay
Receivin support from cops and...(more)

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