E.S.G. - Down Here

I want y'all to bust some shit man
And tell these niggaz man, that y'all invented
That motherfucking for, every motherfucking body
And they mama, trying to bust man
(ha-ha, really though), you know I'm saying man
Niggaz out here man, steal y'all shit on chrome
Ass wanna be E.S.G., kinky ass niggaz man
Bring they hat to they motherfucking ass man
Let these hoes know how we do it down here

[Hook - 2x]
(down here), ha we like to roll on dubs
(down here), we keep a chicken head up in the club
(down here), my thugs they get nothing but love
(down here), we off the chain like you thought we was

[Slim Thug]
I'm from the city of sippers, wood grain wheel grippers
Kilo shippers, candy coat car flippers
We ride 4's and vogues, with a mouth full of golds
Country niggaz and hoes, down here is how we roll
When something's tight it's thoed, when we shine we hold
You got cash cars and clothes, you balling out of control
Switching lanes on swinging thangs, that's called swang and bang
The club packed from front to back, that club off the chain
You got candy rims and beat, then you got you a slab
You cooking chickens in the kitchen, boy you off in the lab
Boys that hustle they grind, and if your diamonds shine you blind
You making money...(more)

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