Michael Jackson - You Rock My World (Remix)

Uh, the Mike Jordan of rap, the Mike Jackson of pop
The Mike Tyson of street, Airs with no socks
The Hugh Hef of the game, yeah it won't stop
Till I meet the Lara Croft of the hood, it's all good
The Spielberg when I spill words to tracks
I'm a sick dude, you can't feel worse than that
For you slow-minded dudes I reverse it back
I gotta sick flow, see ain't no nursin' that
But mommie, if ya rock my world
I'll get you the baby bucket, you can be my baby pride girl
The white Nike Airs, we call em' Wifey Airs
Size 4-5, how cute is your size
That new, cute mubble, get you horses to drive
I paint that picture, cause ain't no nigga
Like the one you get from, Mike holla

[Michael Jackson]
I don't think they're ready for this one

[Michael Jackson]
My life will never be the same
Cause girl, you came and changed
The way I walk
The way I talk
I cannot explain the things I feel for you
But girl, you know it's true
Stay with me, fulfill my dreams
And I'll be all you'll need
Oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh, it feels so right (Girl)
I've searched for...(more)

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