11/5 - Blockstyle Murderah

Stack chips like Don Trump
Comin' wit the slump
So original head bustas
Makin' moves from the junk
Mashin' niggas [???]
We stay loaded, fully loaded
Let the game be noted
We only comin' wit the coldest, hold up
In '99 we breakin' 'em off wit major heat
Sweepin' the industry off they feet
Hypnotize 'em wit the beats
It's the most hated, America's most blunted
See niggas come from the bottom
Then we turn around and run it
Comfront it, we got cha
Hollow points in the chamber
Releasin' the anger
Fuckin' around get caught up in the caper
People stoppin' my paper
Ain't no time for no games
I'm watchin' niggas catch the vapors
While I'm doin' my thang
I hit the back and I swang
Niggas and bitches they be jockin'
They wanna floss wit us
Cuz they know we 'bout the lock and load
We warmed up for the score
'Bout to hit 'em wit a little bit of hardcore

[Chorus] x 2
Cuz in my lifetime I'd a done gang of shit
Invloved wit 211's, 187's for the chills
Another blockstyle murderah
Another blockstyle murderah
We 'bout to have it bitch

And since I was a itty bitty niggy on the corner
I was a performer
Now my music gets women through...(more)

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