Brandy - Dance With Us

One-two, one-two (one-two, one-two)
Ladies and gentlemen (ladies and gentlemen)
Children of all ages (children of all ages, ha ha)
The party has now begun (come on, come on now)
I like this right here (come on, come on now)
Bad Boy, baby
Diddy, Brandy
Let's go

[Bow Wow] (P.Diddy)
Uh uh, let's go
Let the East do Harlem shake shake y'all (yeah)
Midwest might shakin' head (shakin' head)
Go ahead
In the west, might slip it up (what)
Y'all, but we goin' on (that's right)
Dance up in here, hands up in here (come on, that's right)
Yeah (yeah)
And the way we goin' on now (come on)
Dirty South ya throw them bows now (throw them bows)
Bow Wow to the yippie (Bow Wow)
Come on, dance with me
Brandy and Diddy (Brandy, Diddy)

[Brandy] (P.Diddy)
I like the way it's going down
Everybody's hanging out
Yeah yeah yeah yeah (come on)
Hey-ey, vibrations all up in the air
Party like we just don't care
Oooh, yea-yeah (come on, I like this, let's go)

[Brandy] (P.Diddy)
Let the DJ spin the record then it's on (uh)
The music won't even let you go on (yeah)
Relax and let the music take control of you (come on)
Oh, baby I just wanna dance with you (that's right, let's dance, come on)

[Brandy] (P.Diddy)
Everybody's on the floor, people walking through the door
They wanna dance with us (let's dance, come on, let's dance)
Got our hands up in the air
Party like we just don't care
Wanna dance with us (yeah)
Dance (let's dance, come on)

[Brandy] (P.Diddy)
Nodoby's supposed to do no wrong (nobody)
We just wanna have some fun, yeah
Yea-yeah (come on)
Leave all your problems at the door (yeah)
Leave 'em, get back on the floor (yeah, come on)
Come on Mister DJ

[Brandy] (P.Diddy)
Let the DJ spin the record then it's on (don't stop)
The music...(more)

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