40 Thevz - One For The Money

[Featuring Coolio]
Chorus: Repeat 4X
One for the money, two for the show,
three for the ladies, but all they wanted was one.
Verse 1: P.S., Coolio, Lek Ratt
Hey, that nigga Ronno get stress.
Say what? Is that right?
I heard he wont see the streets 'till he about forty-five.
And guess what? All this, behind a mean ol' bitch
that he was tossin' her and flossin' with.
But, it got serious, he got thinkin' she was really his
and really she was out for the chips.
You mean she was out for the ones?
Yeah, she was one those type that like to get
her hair done, so that she could look fly for you
but lie to you, in a minute.
I bet every time he turned his back anotha
nigga was up in it.
Yeah, I seen him up at the mall spendin' up all his riches
with this girl on his hip smilin' from cheek to cheek,
and he was tellin' me some bullshit about gettin' married in a week.
He was carrying Doolieaburke in Armani bags (Ha-ha)
I gave him some dap, but I really wanted to laugh at his dumb ass.
Somebody must of told him girls just wanted to have fun,
but he was dumb and full of cum cause all she wanted was...
Verse 2: Lek Ratt, Coolio, P.S.
Some fools ain't got no game at all
gettin' sprung on the draws
and they forget who they are,
he even bought her a car.
He bought her a...(more)

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