Zion I - Prophecy

You know who you are... (love is God)
You know I... and you... you, me...
and this message is to myself...
rhymes for the mind...

Yo, frustrations, pulsations, livin' in the land of castrations
nations is overhauled with all this greed, that people need to plant seeds in deeds
I move at godspeed, buildin', 45 the degree
cyphers, right, we don't stop, peace is a prayer to the East
to maintain my sensibilities, without a foundation we gettin' weak
please, peep the words that we speak, these are the last days of false ways
ideologies and infections like disease, and in the USA everything is OK
(OK) - no matter what the people say, brothers homeless, smellin' like piss
defecatin' on the streets today is a normal thing, and everything is everything
picking up a chicken wing, to get a bite to eat up off the streets
seems like I'm livin' in hell, without the heat, huh?
But what you get is what you gave
you better watch the way you behave... this is a Prophecy

This is the Prophecy... Prophecy...
a simple Prophecy...
Prophecy... this is he Prophecy.... Prophecy (fade out)

Now, the time will...(more)

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