Z-Ro - 3rd Coast

feat. Den Den, Grace
(Den Den talking)
Yeah, sup Ro, sup Grace, this your boy Den Den
To jump on this track with you boys, knowI'mtalkingbout
It's all about the third baby, third coast, yeah I got this

[Den Den]
See I'm mentally ready, f**k those is testing me
Progress is so sweet, ain't tripping with envy
Slip and slide like a snake, pop up the world like a quake
Mashing hard on the gas, with the coast on the plate
Roll on cowards and busters, peeping them soldiers and hustlers
Got an eye for them f**kers that trying P.H. with ?snorkels?
Got a trunk full of clutches, blinding mine make you stutter
I blow like a hurricane, so close all your shutters
See I wants everything and everything I'm gone have
Roll out my red carpet just to go to my stash
Third coast, blind and shine like a brand new slab
On my birthday, I'm throwing me a fortune on pad

If you living shife, don't f**k with third coast
These niggas can't fade third coast, These niggas can't fade
third coast
You could lose your life, don't f**k with third coast
These niggas can't fade third coast, These niggas can't fade
third coast

This how we ride in third, blow up serve, blow herb
From lane to lane we grip the grain and 20's chop up the curb
We popping flippers on sippers, hey those g's on the rise
With bubble eyes and customized and chrome twenty inches wide
Entertainment center be lit up, and all the trunks gone lift up
Button rims they grip up, the talkers mouths gone zip up
It's that...(more)

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