Young Turk - Uptown

Can ya picture a lil nigga like me straight thug'n
Hotter than fire, hotter than somethin that's in tha oven
Tha G-Code I live by everyday
Bitch nigga outta line, bitch nigga get erased
Like chalkboards
Look here my nigga I mean what I speak
Nigga want beef I rip both sides of tha street
I got niggas like Big Woe who would ride wit me (ride wit me)
Tre, Duck and Waldo would ride wit me (ride wit me)
I'm bout beefin, creepin whatever
In any kind of weather act a fool wit the diseal
Brotha and Bear look my niggas be thugged out
Quick to run up in yo house and clear everybody out
Know what I'm talkin bout
You don't better find out
Cause I leave yo folks in all black cryin and whined out
I don't play cousin I give niggas head shots
Not one, a couple of em makin sure that he drop
Look here nigga

[Hook] (BG)
You must don't know his background (background)
He been a lil donkey straight from Uptown
Nigga you must don't know his background (back ground)
He been a lil donkey nigga from Uptown
Nigga you must not know his backgorund (background)

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