Young Black Teenagers - Tap the Bottle

[Chorus] Tap the bottle and twist the cap / Tap the bottle and twist the cap / Tap the bottle and twist the cap / And pass it around the crew be cause the crew be all that [End Chorus]/ Hey yo, hickory dickory dock I'm under the Brooklyn block yes / Who's the next to testify and try and penetrate the vest / Diggatie do re me fa so la ti do I drop back my prozac / I take it in track and give it a smack and cuttin no slack, jack / Okay here I go Shorty tap the forty O smash / To a pass, if ya crash make a dash to the trash / Tap a cap, have alot and not alot not a little / Don't grade upon the label take a guzzle, don't dribble / I got the supercalafragileisticexpialadoucious / You're commin to close to this, I get ferocious / Coax this rhyme, smoke this rhyme hype / When we rock it up on the mic, we rock the mic right / Pass the funnel to the tunnel like it's busy till I'm dizzy / Never pass it to get fizzy cause the guard gets busy who is he? / Damn just pass the code decipher when I hit the dress bottom buy a can of Red Stripe / Chorus (Repeat 1x) / Well I be commin' around the mountain with my hoe Suzanna / I'm peelin off the caps like the hicks in Alabama / Check the grammar and the stamina I'm tootin' on my horn / Timberland boot stompin' forty drink it...(more)

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