Wreckshop Family - Say What You Want

Ha-ha-ha, yeah mayn it's going down
Know I'm tal'n bout, all you haters think a nigga
Ain't gon get you, come on now you know us better than that fool
We coming for you baby, we at you know I'm tal'n bout
It's going down A3 Wreckshop, Noke D, D-Reck
We gon hold it the whole family, uh-huh

See you can say what you want, when you talk about me
Just make sho' that it's real, when you speak about me
See I don't wanna bring it to you, cause you can't stop me
But everybody keeps, saying my name
See you can say what you want, when you hate me
Just as long, as you know that you can't play me
On the real, M-O-B till we through
Yes it can, get done to you

We some thug niggas, running with macks and techs
If you try to flex, I'll slug your neck
With a beam for the spleen, dropping dimes on my team
Reality unseen, but the truth is ring
Depend on me, like you do the cash
Open the Double R roof, missing heat up in the stash
With Noke D on my side, with a 3-57
D-Reck in the back, fin to spit about eleven
At these niggas I swipe in the game
Broke niggas on the sweet, to destroy our names
Understand to win, you gotta have a plan
Take it like a man, Reck got the upper hand
And Noke D, putting the bass up in your back to make you wanna swing a Lac
Until your rims get cracked, or you sitting on flats
So you can get it how you want it, or take it how I give...(more)

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