Wiley - Wot do U Call It?

Do you do garage music mate?
You got any of that Urban?
(Urban, urban, urban)
House, do you do Garage?
Wot do you call it?
Wot do you call it?
Wot do you call it?
Wot do you call it?
Wot do you call it?
Wot do you call it?
Tell us wot you call it

Garage I don't care about garage
Listen to this - it don't sound like garage
Who told you that I make garage?
Wiley Kat'z got his own style s'not garage
Make it in the studio but not in the garage
Here in London there's a sound called garage
But this is my sound, it sure ain't garage
I heard they don't like me in garage
Cause I use their scene but make my own sound
The Eskimo sound is mine recognise this
It's mine - you can't claim what's mine
It's my time to bait you up
I don't hate you but some of you have got a problem
I'm puttin you outta business why is that a problem
Wot's your problem?
Wot the heck my name is problem, remember

Wot do you call it garage?
(Wot do you call it garage?)
Wot do you call it urban?
(Wot do you call it urban?)
Wot do you call it 2step?
(Wot do you call it 2step?)
Wot do you call it, tell us what you call it then

Why do that think I'm stupid
I got brains I could never be stupid
You could never use my name to make your raves...(more)

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