White Boy - You Know (Remix)

[Intro - Background Vocals and Kanye West]
You know, oh you know, I just want you to know
Turn me up, turn me up loud to, loud l-l-l-l-loud, yea, yea!

[Chorus x2]
I just want you to know, I just want you to know
I just want you to know, this boy here finna' blow
Southside up in here, Westside up in here
Eastside up in here, throw your hands in the air

[Kanye West]
Kanye the best in the game, now we got that, that thing clear
Kanye West is the name, Southside up in here
Y'all niggaz stole the soul, y'all niggaz all some clones
Y'all need to change y'all tone, nigga I control the gold
Motherfucker close the do', light the weed and let the douja blow
Why you keep bawlin' though girl, you ain't been around niggaz before?
Why my chain rosey gold, why my wrist below zero
How the hell I know B-Lo, why them girls tell you no means no
No means no just as sure as green means go, green means paper
Dream team, caper we see haters like shorty on the 'Sixth Sense'
Y'all finna' see some...(more)

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