WC - Better Days

featuring Ron Banks (from The Dramatics)

Nineteen-ninety-eight, damn I can't believe it
Whoever thought, throughout the drama, we'd live to see it
So many of us done lost lives to the streets
As we reminisce I'm pourin liquor for the deceased
Thinkin bout the times that I spent with many of em
Hopin that the Lord let me see the millenium
Trapped in this ghetto main, seekin better days
Fightin for my conscience, tryin to shake these wicked ways
I know it's wrong but it's hard to change
All my life, all I ever knew was hustle and game
Lookin for answers ever since I was a adolescent
Faced with rejection, early age stressin
But now ten years later with doodoo respect
I'm bustin million dollar raps and six digit checks
Showin love to my peeps and my love don't change
Here's a toast to you fakes, huh, here's to better days

[Ron Banks]
Might sound strange, but I just can't run away
I can't run, run, it might sound strange
but I just can't run away
I can't run, no, run away

Touch a meal ticket, shake a spot for good
Never, I still got love for the neighborhood
And even though now it's infested with gunplay
on most days like Bootsy I can't stay away...(more)

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