Warriorz - Cold As Ice

"Colllld.. asss.. iiiiice; you know that you are

Colllld.. asss.. iiiiice; you're cold as ice to me!

Colllld.. asss.. iiiiice.."


Yeah, hahahahaha, OHHHHH SHIT! {"You're as cold as ice"}

YEAH!! {"You're willing to sacrifice"}

Word the fuck UP! {"You're as cold as ice"}

You're ICE! {"You're willing to sacrifice"}

{*whispered*} First Family

{"You're as cold as ice", "You're willing to sacrifice"}

{"You're as cold as ice", "You're willing to sacrifice"}

[Billy Danze]

I'd like to welcome motherfuckers to the back of the mind of Bill

See I'm for real

When deliverin these M.O.P. tactics, I'll bury you bastards

I custom make caskets

The B.G. (told ya nigga) the Y.G. (soldier nigga)

Even the O.G. (cobra nigga) told ya nigga

I may come, with my gun in my hand

to make sure you motherfuckers understand

[Lil' Fame]

Pardon me!

How the fuck you gon' start with me?

I'm a heavyweight in this game, you just spar with me

You get laced down, from your face down, drop your shit

Niggaz thought M.O.P. stand for "mop" and shit

Don't don't DON'T, get it twisted

I told you that we top of the line designed realistic

For instance, MASH OUT POSSE

will come through and clear yo' ass out

dump and air yo' ass out, CHUMP, we cold


{"You're as cold as ice"} That's right!

{"You're willing to sacrifice"} SHO' NUFF!

{"You're as cold as ice"} Yeah!

{"You're willing to sacrifice"} COME ON!

{"You're as cold as ice"}

{*whispered*} First Family


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