Featuring Mike Marshall]
*(Mike Marshall)*
(In the name of Rame)
In the name of Raymond, (yeah) he was a smooth talker. Street balla.
(In the name of Rame) Oooh ghetto soldier.
I can't get over, losin, Rame, Rame, Rame.
Verse 1 *(Prince Of Darkness)*
The Town is shifted like a pier
an niggaz who got fear, of blastin, you too near
I've seen big time ballas get took out the game
of playa hater-izm, victim, but not my nigga Rame
sharper than a Gillette
'specially in a Vet
always known to swang
they hate to see a young nigga havin thangs
but couldn't stop, get it off faster than he could chop it
told me one day, if we wasn't signed then he would drop it
I peeped the realest, and was choosed
had love so I only bought bomb from 7-duce
15 for a drop
an a dub, click, boxin up trouble an the next nigga hoe
I heard they tried to kill my folks, now what they do that for?
it's all wrong,
see all the lovin got my playa potna strong
he loved that Krazy click
so I dedicate this song in the name of Rame
a true, blue soldier in this skrilla makin deep game
still they ain't never been linked
a potna infatrated, another potna that's major deep
was on the creep
pass me the bomb so I can hit, cuz who ever did it
they gotta know, and die wit it
in the name of Rame.
*(Chorus- Mike Marshall)* x2
I remember back when I was dealin crack
(in the name of Raymond)
even the roaches and the rats through the cealing cracks
knots whistlin his name through abandoned shacks
(in the name of Raymond)
but I would be a fool to let it hold me back
In the name of Rame.
Verse 2 *(Keek The Sneek)*
It's too...(more)

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