Underground kingz - One Day

Hello baby fool
One day you're here and then you're gone
Well, well well
I know. I know
Mama put me out at only fourteen
So I started sellin' crack cocaine and codeine
Time to stack some paper I gotta do it quick
Thinkin' I'm a juvenile but they don't know
Who they messin' with
Yeah my mama's only son
But I live everyday like it's my motherfuckin' last one
Every nigga and they mama askin' why
But I'm in the game live by the game
And in the game I'm a die
And if I die or should I say if I go
Bury me in Horn Park next to come and go
"Cuz tomorrow ain't promised to me
The only thing promised to a player is the penitentiary
So I'ma take care of my business on the smooth tip
Watch my back sellin' crack and pack tool clips
And when you think about that you say
It'll be on it's a trip in here today
But the next day you're gone
One day you're here baby and then you're gone
This world we livin' in man it ain't nothin but drama
Everyone wanna harm ya
New York niggas gettin' shot for bombers
Now they got your life in the palm of
They hand like Cali
Niggas with dubs of hydroponic marijuana
Goin' bangin'' got they...(more)

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