Ultramagnetic Mc's - Porno Star

[Tim D] Ahhh yeahh..
Aiyyo y'all ready to do this?
[Trev] Yeah whassup wit that?
[Keith] Yo Trev, you ready to run the train or what?
[Trev] Aiyyo what's that bitch name again anyway?
[Tim D] Yeah her name is Tabitha
But yo, let me go up there first
And then, Keith you come in
And Trev you come in
[Trev] Aight, aight
[Tim D] And we gonna cold rock the bitch, aight?
[Trev] Aight, I'ma lay in the back, chill chill
[Keith] I wanna jump out the closet!

[girl] *knock knock* Hello..
[Tim D] Yeah baby whassup? It's me
[girl] How you doin baby?
[Tim D] I'm aight - I'm ready to do this, you ready to do this?
[girl] Oh yes, I'm ready to do this baby
[Tim D] Yeah.. why don't you just.. lay down and
.. open your legs
[Girl] Like this?
*knock knock knock*
[Tim D] Yeah come in
[Keith] Yo whassup? I'm down right?
[girl] Who's that?
[Tim D] Yo that's my man Kool Keith, the Rhythm X
[girl] Hi Keith... what does the X stand for?

[Kool Keith]
See you're playin with yourself, with your hands between your legs
You're masturbating, cause you can't keep waiting
Lookin at my picture with your bra and soaked panties
I pull my dick out, your tongue stick out
I like the clitty-clit, then suck the tittie-tit
I'm rather suave, not finished with the pussy yet
Now turn that ass out, I wanna wax it {*smacking sounds*}
Shoot my jism enbalms, I wanna tax it
Your bed? My bed -- fuck it, where's the elevator?
I set your pussy off, like a fuckin detonator bomb
Relax and be calm
Tell your friends to leave, no time for cockblockers
I hate the girls who front, and really cock-suckers
I have no time for phonies and kiddie games
A bunch of bitches with numbers and wrong names
I just chill, and cold mack at the jam
I'm buttnaked, the woman say god damn
He's X-rated, I seen him in the video
He's jerkin off on my girlfriend's booty though
You want the dick too? Then come to me though
Start suckin and suckin and keep suckin
And then for hours, I keep fuckin
Waxin that ass like a super rated pro
You think I'm braggin? Well let's go
Cock em in the air and let your other sister watch
You gettin hit by the X.. I'm a porno star

[girl] Ohh Rhythm X, you're just too good baby
[Keith] I know baby -- but I got another freak move for you
Check this out
[girl] What's that?
*knock knock knock knock*
[Keith] Yo T.R., come in

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