3rd Eye - If it Ain't Rough it Ain't Right

What's up?
How you feelin?
3rd Eye
Guess who?
(3rd Eye
Come on
Come on)
Come on!

What you say, what you say?
You know the format, baby

I wanna hear some 3rd Eye
(Some 3rd Eye, kid) (4x)

[ CHORUS: 3rd Eye & Troo Kula ]
Now if it ain't rough, it ain't right
If it ain't rugged (then it ain't from the heart)
If it ain't rough, it ain't right
If it ain't wicked (then it ain't from the underground) (2x)

[ VERSE 1: 3rd Eye ]
Why you frontin, you only wanna rock a party
Why you frontin, you ain't really rugged and rough
Why you frontin, you ain't down to shoot nobody
Why you frontin, I can see your blind man's bluff
So why you frontin, baby, I know you better
You kick your ruffneck slang, but I know better
That's dead to me, in '94 we got the remedy
Best remember we, I burn any when you're 70
And I'll be damned if my flavor's not the flim-flam
I been hardcore before you ever learned to -
Don't play me, you wanna fake the funk, but I see through that
Now you wanna come back hard, but you can't do that
Now who that, tryin to cross back, boy, you blew that
Now your shit is wack, ain't got no love from your crew, black
You shoulda knew: once you crossed over you was through
You made your mad dash for cash, now your ass is trash
I'm not goin for it, now you're rough again
Fake rappers switchin back and forth, I had enough of them
1994 it's time to pull your card, you ain't really hardcore
Yeah, so what you play hard for?

If it ain't rough, it ain't right
If it ain't rugged (then it ain't...(more)

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