3rd Edge - I Dont Really Want You

Wot wot - listen - check it
Aaaah - hectic
Friday night now with the bouncin' sound

I dont really want you hangin' around me
Responsibility this jealously is killin' me
You're seedin' at my head
But youre still sleepin' in my bed - oh - no
Now you want a baby you must be goin' crazy
I'm losin' my sanity - how can we raise a family?
Were livin' a lie so its time to say goodbye
Yeh yeh yeh

[Chorus 1]
I dont want you lovin me
What can i do to get this through to you lady?
I dont want you - cant you see
Just take your things dont bother no more
I dont want you all the way
Just stop right there dont even say you were
I dont want you for one day
Coz I dont want you in my life girl

I dont really want you anywhere near me
Youre suffocatin' me - stay the hell away from me
Youre playin' with my mind
Thats why I'm leavin' you behind yeh
What could...(more)

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