Stetsasonic - This Is It, Y'all (Go Stetsa II)

(This is it, y'all)
(For you) --> Run

[ Daddy-O ]
We-we-well, whaddaya know, we got a whole lot of fans
Not only in New York, but across the land
Playin record after record every night and day
Comin to every show everytime we play
[ Fruitkwan ]
Rhythm - blues - that's cool
Old school rap, Jack
But as a matter of fact is back
You can make us or break us
This-this-this is dedicated to the fans that declarate us
[ Delite ]
Yo, we on a steamroll rollin out much soul
So much soul, I think your woofers might blow
Back again to show ya, fly just like I told ya
Foes are crushed by the Stet rhyme roller
[ Daddy-O ]
Them we could-them we couldn't exlude, they're on the top of our list
Any dedicated fan is our dearest wish
[ Fruitkwan ]
So-so-so for you our fans
[ Delite ]
Go-go for what you know
[ Daddy-O ]
Feel the life of our flow
[ all ]

Come on, break

(This is it, y'all)
(For you)

(It-it's-it's for my fans)

(Come on baby, let the good times roll)

(For you)

[ Fruitkwan ]
In Ohi-in Ohio I met a guy named Ben
He bragged to all the friends about the Stetsa trend
By dishin out matches we gave him at the hotel
Got caught by the cops because he sold em for wholesale
[ Delite ]
[Name] from Virginia gave this display
That 'Stetsasonic' to this day is still hard to say
But when we rapped and rolled, shook her out her shoes
She was certified down with the Stetsaloo
[ Daddy-O ]
Now out in Oakland, California there's a guy named Dan
Wears a big...(more)

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