3rd Bass - Ace In The Hole

[Pete Nice]
Ace is the place with the helpful hardware
Prime's got a spare, it's truth or dare

[MC Serch]
Stare into the face of a kid who is a hypocrite
Take all that hate -- why don't you try flippin it?

[Pete Nice]
I never went out out drinkin Pepsi sips
and never laced up my boots in fruity bits
I ain't pretty so my fetish ain't nighthood
Cause no one wears sequins in my neighborhood

[MC Serch]
Cause my feet are firmly planted on the concrete
High-top fade, with no need for a blonde streak
Now let me chill, it's a sign of maturity
And I would never steal a chant from a Black Greek fraternity

Elvis Elvis baby, too bold, too bold
Ice Ice baby, no soul, no soul

[Pete] Last year we +Gassed+ ya up
[Serch] Now herbals fill your pastures
[Pete] Masters of movement and mayhem
[Serch] while last year record shows stopped for a racist
[Pete] Countin cards and blackjacks, throwin aces
[Serch] Places I've seen and I've seen all types of grills
[Pete] It's the K.M.D. ?? G fills
[Serch] Which builds up the fence for the fibs you're sprayin
[Pete] My ace is in the hole
[Serch] So whatcha playin?

* Daddy Rich scratches Zev Love X saying
"K.M.D. and 3rd Bass is just ace in the hole, I mean soul.." *

[Zev Love X]
That's it right? Check it
Humm goes the kick, check out how I flick it
As the thumb presses quick, suckers on the mix
and yeah the Birthstone...(more)

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