Speedy Loc - Look in to My Eyes

Speedy Loc represent that VGD Town
Docoto, Killafornia
Look in to my eyes motherfuckers
And tell me what you see

[Verse 1]
Look in to my eyes see the pain through out the years
Young bust getting locked up they mothers shedding tears
And who the fucks to blame up in this dirty filthy game
Aint no food up on the table I feel my moms pain
Its time to pull a jack grab the gat and ski mask
Gimme all your skrilla before I dump and hit the gas
At night hit liquor stores bust a 2-11's
If you reach for that button is a 187
My brain's going insaine cause this ghetto's got me stressed
A bust is a must wearing a bullet proof vest
Pour out a little liquor for the homies that I've lost
Getting hella perved while this hoe sucks my balls
But still I can't concentrate my minds going blank
Lena got me tweking got me hitting the presank
Fool's don't wanna listent reminiscing half visions
Shall I kill or will I kill its all about decisions

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
A true fucken G backin up VGD
I be shaken em up and fucken em up and layen em all down
A true fucken hog coming up that doge town
Look into my eyes and see the reality of the game
I try to maintain but we about to blow up...(more)

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