Smilez & Southstar - What Can You Do

It's a hot one right here, oh man
What ya gonna' do on this one
Let me tell ya man, ain't nothin' you can do to stop us
Nothin' ya can say, nothin' period

The truth is there ain't no stoppin' this (Nah)
Got drink, lemon, coke man wp poppin' cris
Pop yout lip, now watch me pop your chip
Cop one leg or watch we drop the whip
Now that i'm here I got my fam out of the ditch (Uh-huh)
And ya all mad at me cause my life got flipped (Yeah)
Or is it just because your fans don't switch
Only thing that you do is my finger itch
A lot of people try to say that this ain't gon' last
That's like sayin' Southstar ain't gon' blast
That's like sayin' Southstar get no ass
That's like sayin' Southstar got no cash
Makin' me laugh c'mon now let's be real
You do the math tell me who's making mills
Murder the game with 16 peep in stills
Ivy's in my arm caused i'm so ill (Yeah)

If you keep on dancing than you can help it (What can you do?)
If your head keep knodin' and you can't stop it (What can you do?)
If your player ????????? still lovin' (What can you do?)
If you can't stop bouncin', shakin', movin' (What can you do?)

Peace to my haters and investigators (What up)
That give vex when I slide through with my gators (Uh)
You can turn the music down it won't fade us (No)
Mommies still backin' it up...(more)

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