Slum Village - S.O.U.L.

(Verse 1: T3)
There I was sittin there lookin, waitin
Waitin for the chance to get to date you
I'm sayin, I'm sick of games, sick of solos
Sure need you around when its all those
Listen, I'm not sayin this to offend you
But since the day I met you I knew I would bend you, over
Not sayin its about that
Its about us bending like vocals on ill tracks
Classic, like a novel by Stephen King
Always restin by the revel where a social reign
Sex, its the farthest thing from my mind
I'm thinkin how we get together like the starter line
Fiction, to all the ladies that want it real
A breif description on how a nigga might feel
This is, one page out a black book
This is, how it goes when its all good, sista

(Chorus x4)
And back, forth and forth, back

(Verse 2: Elzhi)
Just keep the sun in my storm clouds
Appreciate you as a man I was born child, young
Lookin for young girls to party with
Make your body shift, shake up your...(more)

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