Skee-Lo - Come Back to Me

";If you don't mind (if you don't mind),
we'd like to play somethin (play somethin)";

Gloria, pick up I know your there stop frontin just pick up
Aight look, look I know I messed up
But check it out just listen

I'm leavin you this message spotly cause I miss you
I didn't mean to diss you but sometimes I slip, ya got me
Stumblin over boulders lookin over my shoulders
Hopin you're behind me but the sun blinds my vision
No competiton cause I'm wishin and hopin
that we could go to Canada, and Ann Lee lopin but nopin
I know you caught playin with your heart
Shoulda known that I was up to no good from the start
Little hoodrat who's that guy I saw you walkin with
Talkin with actin like he's wit ya
Just like 2 Pac you know ";I get around";
But I didn't mean to get around with your little sister
Think I was lookin for your friend so let me try again
To prove myself cause I don't want nobody else
It's been 7 hours and 16 days since you took your love away
So I just want to say that you should

(Chorus: Skee-Lo)
Come back to me
Come back to me
Baby, baby please come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me
Baby, baby please come back to me

Oh stacker, cracker I'm the one who's badder
1 step 2 step 3 step 4
Oh are you sure that you really want to leave me
I tell you that I love you but I don't think you believe...(more)

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