Showbiz & A.G. - Fat Pockets

"I like my pockets fat not flat" (repeat 4x)

"I like my pockets fat not flat" "So get back" (repeat 4x)

My pockets stay fat, and they always like that
Not only in pocket but in my bank there's stacks and stacks of dough
Cause I move slow, I get my cash flow, and then I go
And brother's don't know, I'm on the down low
Some get mad cause they can't understand
That I'm 23 years old, I'm in command
I'm down with DITC, that's "Diggin' in the Crates"
And my partner A.G., we always keep crazy papes
I'm staying fat, cause what comes around goes around
I always help out and help a brother when he's down
And out like a boyscout, brothers always shout
"Good lookin out Show" Yeah, without a doubt
But don't try and take advantage
I'll just leave you alone instead of putting that ass in bandages
Signing off is Show B-I-Z
And next up is A.G., he likes his pockets F-A-T

"I like my pockets fat not flat" (repeat 4x)

Check it out yo, A.G. is living fat
In the mental, in other words can I get a soul clap?
Diggin' in the crates for something smooth
Showbiz & A.G., yo money, we make the party groove
And I'm a top-notch competitor
Carrying dough like a treasurer
Getting pussy, oh that's regular
But the sex I never take
Cause if that bitch screams rape, like Mike Tyson, I'm upstate
And you know that's a...(more)

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