Scene 23 - The Greatest

Dadadadadada dadadadadada
Oh yeah
Dadadadadada (hey) dadadadadada

How bout' a cup of cofee?
Me and you, we can meet at the cafe
Parler (pronounced parlie) while sippin' cappuccino's
If that ain't you we can go hit a movie
Here I am all jittery and nervous
Got me feelin' that I'm really not good at this.
In your mind I know your thinkin' what I'm up to?
All I wanna do is try to get to know you..

Ooo yah yah

I can be the one (you know the one you don't know your lookin' for)
We can be the spark (to start a fire the world's been waitin' for)

The greatest love affairs started with hello
The greatest love songs started with a note
And the mona lisa started with a stroke
Maybe me and you could be one of those (one of those)
The greatest ideas started with a thought
If I think hard enough I can win your heart
Cuz the greatest love story there was ever told
Could be me and you (you just never know)

I've been doin' all the talkin'
Whats up with you, can you tell me what your thinkin'?
Am I off base? slow down? stop walkin'
Take a breath do you come here often?
Sweet you, and tommorow is the weekend (I know)
Do you bowl or are you up for rollerblading?...(more)

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