Scarface - Conspiracy Theory

The conspiracy theory...

I knew this nigga who sittin, on the dock on the bay
Had plans of gettin rich so he was plottin with Jay
This motherfucker had the street game locked
Had the blocks all sold up,
and always saw the cops when they showed up
He had the rep of being murderous too
The type of nigga, with the mind of a God-damn fool
But he knew, to get off in this crew, he had to change
So when James went to church this nigga did the same
So he's steppin back away from the cut
But his vengeance of livin, had his braincells start to fuck up
Steady callin his shots, but steady leavin a trail
So sit back peep my game, I got a story to tell

I came from a gang with niggaz who do crime
They didn't rat they niggaz out when they came to do time
No snitchin nobody out when ya facin a life sentence
For death, you do it by yo God-damn self

He gettin clean, so we gave him a job
Had the whole entire city on they knees, recognizin the mob
Took the cash that he was makin, in this seat
And compared it, to the cash off in these God-damn streets
As luck gon' be, the scales didn't break even
So now he's out to go an get the cash that he needin
Some wise man once told me
(?) but I didn't believe him, so he showed me
Gave an example; the piece of a pie
Said if you eat to much it's gone at the blink of an eye
This for these niggaz out here hearin me

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