Rustee Juxx - Live the Life

feat. Sean Price

[Sean Price]
Yeah, ladies and gentlemen (MFC, place to be)
I bring to you, live from Kingston Ave. (Kingston Ave)
Crownheight's best MC (the best MC)
Rustee J, the road dog

[Rustee Juxx]
Niggas wanna live the life, scared to die to death
Either pass me the liquor, or supply the meth
Cause ain't nothin' like gettin' drunk and high from bless
One wet the throat, one dry the breath, but yo
I can see clearly now that the rain is gone
See the pharoah Don, brain is strong, nappy trainers long
Interpretating entertainers form to explain his song
To the known population, operation bang-a-thon
The science is, my alliance is ultimate
Hip-hop, revoltin' it, wreck any cult or clique
The nastiest rapper couldn't even hold my crown
Cause if he could then it would have been sold by now
Basically I'm a rap mentor, schoolin' my proteges
Control the stage in the spotlight of solar rays
Black hood, fatigue, low top Pumas ? beige
Double barrel mic position like I hold the gauge

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